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Talo Architect wants to help you choose the right professional association of architects. It is important to hire a professional design firm to spearhead your large-scale construction project.

We are accustomed to working with tight schedules and budgets, on fast-track or turn-key projects. Utilizing the most sophisticated methods, we will carefully evaluate your needs, pinpoint the problems, and give you solutions.

high rise office building in NYC

High Rise

Talo Architect is an NYC high rise architecture firm specializing in high rise office buildings, office towers, as well as energy-efficient buildings. Let us help you plan the right high rise office building that has a cutting edge design, and is energy efficient.

Have you been following the latest in commercial and residential trends lately? If not, then you’ve missed out on an important dimension of professional design.

Today’s consumers want to pay for a high-quality building project. They also want to build with the safest materials while minimizing a building project’s impact on the natural environment. That’s where building green becomes important to a firm like Talo Architect.

Without a green building architectural firm, you will get a building design that meets safety standards and other professional requirements, but it won’t have a reduced carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for a way to build smart through a successful partnership with a Zero Energy Architect, you have found the right place! Learn more about us by browsing the virtual gallery of our past architectural achievements (shown above).

Consider the example of this office building that we built for a Detroit client. On the surface, an office building looks like a tower of efficiency. It is designed to make the most use of land space and to provide adequate space on each floor for agency functions.

Inside a building here is an entirely different story to discover. Each floor and each office suite can have its own functional features, of course, without creating too many extra costs for the client.

You might discover that a High Rise building can really be customized to meet the needs of diverse business units in the same structure. Our customized PV Architecture high rise office buildings designed by the architects here at Talo are fabulously sturdy buildings!


You can move from consideration of designs for a home or commercial building to the decisions you need to make when you want to build a new retail establishment.

Let’s look at the facts here. Chances are that you are going to need a professional architectural firm that understands your business’ needs. An architect is both a visionary and a realist.

If you want something built a certain way, you should find a way to make your feelings known. Don’t feel like you have to wait until the last minute to communicate what kinds of architectural elements you desire to include in a retail design project.

There are so many questions you may need to ask, here are a few we have gotten in the past:

  • How many high ceilings in my retail space can I afford for next year’s budget? A good manager is not going to answer this question until he has already thought it through, perhaps even by consulting. He should be able to estimate the extra costs that you might incur.
  • What are you going to do about your existing office space while you wait for a new facility to be built? This is a question to think about from the very beginning. When you sit down with Talo Architect, you will be encouraged to ask questions and to emphasize what is important for you to enjoy or use in a home/temporary space. We offer free help in locating currently listed homes for sale in your community.
  • What would you be willing to sacrifice to get the final cost that you can really afford when seeking to buy a home or office building? The retail/commercial buildings of the future are not just going to be your standard twenty-two-story office building. These buildings, designed by our firm or another firm, will serve to inspire you to explore new architectural designs and achievements.
  • If building and design is a top priority for this fiscal year, you will only have to find an architectural firm that can meet your creative guidelines. Then you will need a builder to turn the final retail building plans into a reality.

Your customers will also depend on you to develop a design with the best ease of access. For example, a proposed idea would show how the children’s playground would be strategically located so that any adult could find it and enjoy watching their children use it.

Clients love working with Talo Architect, and we take pride in serving your diverse needs as your commercial architecture firm of choice in the area.

The Indiana Natatorium


Stadiums are wonderful projects where engineering and architecture are intimately entwined at every level. The Indiana Natatorium due my work had the first natural light Olympic diving pool along with delicate structural frame.

Shea Stadium – now ‘Citi Field’ started out as covered stadium for the NY City bid for Olympics, but was scaled back later to serve as the home to the New York Mets. In this case, the owner wanted a classic look reminiscent of baseball fields is years past rather than contemporary one. For the execution, HOK sport (now Populous) was in charge of the seating bowl and I was brought in to help Jack Gordon Architects pull his team and engineers together to complete our end of the project in 4 months.


When you think of hiring a design firm, you also probably don’t consider the wealth of experience that a professional brings to the table. We are more than just a specialist in routine residential architectural designs, our design firm specializes in different aspects of commercial construction projects. For example, our company is proud to work in the design of New York Green Museums.

A museum is another building with important functional considerations. This space is going to serve the practical needs of the museum owner, providing space for a variety of art, science, technology, history, or other cultural exhibits. Because the needs of the museum to display artifacts will change over time, space must also be easy to transform, especially according to artifacts of very different dimensions.

Talo Architect specializes in preparing custom building designs for museums considering renovation, expansion, or new construction. If you have the ability to imagine a beautiful museum space in which the organization’s collection can be displayed for the public’s pleasurable viewing, then you should ask us about our affordable services.

We want to be your Green Museum Architect of choice. Let our commercial architects translate your visions for a museum space into a reality.

What kind of background do we bring to the creative design process? It just so happens that this firm has an architect on staff with a significant background in painting and photography. This professional commercial architect has spent much time in museums and concert halls, including previous work experience as a sound engineer for Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.

In this capacity, the architect witnessed firsthand the splendor of different museum spaces in operation around Europe, including spaces that exhibited a wide range of art pieces and displays.

This diverse experience brought back to the firm’s location in New York City means that you will get new designs reflecting different domestic and foreign influences. Expect a design for a building that is both American and truly global; get all this while continuing to satisfy the aesthetic needs you have for a new building.

This architect will be happy to bring the wealth of knowledge about art and Museum Architecture to work for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Examples of work included Steven Holl’s Kiasma at the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, Finland, as well as other projects such as the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN, and the Asia Society in New York.

For more information about hiring an architect for your museum construction project, please call 914.645.2940.

Steven Holl's Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland

United Nations offices in NYC with Green Recommendations from Talo Architect
Finnish Embassy in Australia


Talo Architect is a Government Building Architecture Firm. We have overseen the planning and construction of Embassy Buildings, Embassy Compounds, Foreign Embassy Compounds, and more government buildings. Feel free to browse our site and contact us for more information about the variety of structures we plan.

From a design for a Finnish Embassy in Canberra, Australia, to a government office building in the United States, Talo Architect possesses the expertise that government clients require. This website offers you a glimpse into our firm.

There will be limitations that any government client would expect such as making building project decisions to reduce the risk of runaway costs. We also help clients to plan their building at a scale and level of convenience that taxpayers will find reasonable.

We aim to ensure that our professional compound architects will be available for you at every stage of design. We use 3-D modeling technologies to get client feedback on professional design.

If you browse through the models featured here, you will see that we have entered different plans in international design competitions. Learn how we can tailor the architectural features of a new building design to the culture and aesthetic trends of a particular country.

If you look at examples of government buildings we have designed for a variety of American city, county, state, and federal governments, you’ll see how they fit in nicely into an urban landscape while still being unique enough to give the public agencies a structure with a unique character.

Our architects are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of any constituency. For a free consultation regarding our commercial architecture services, including how we specialize in designing Class A Office Buildings, call 914.645.2940.

Take any office building that you have seen, and imagine how it might be changed to include the highest standards in the building industry. You need a building that will meet your space needs now and in fifteen to twenty years.

We look forward to meeting your needs soon.