International Mega Tall Buildings Design

high rise in Shanghai

Mega Tall Buildings

Interested in developing Mega Tall 3300 feet to Mile High (5280 feet – 1609 meters), Safe for occupants and Energy Smart Green??

We can help you anywhere in the world, along with the world’s BEST Mega Tall engineers – both Structural and Mechanical with a proven track record.

Talo Architect’s design for the 3300-foot tower for WTC 2 site before Murdoch got hold of the site 3 years ago led to groundbreaking solutions for safety and a Green approach not done anywhere else in the world.

tall building design for Tokyo

Tall Buildings Design, High-Rise Architecture, & More

Talo had the fortune to work with the best of USA architecture masters – like Philip Johnson for 6 years – as lead designer for buildings, master plans, and large developments between 1980 and 2002. These global Class A Commercial, Museum, Broadcasting, Convention, and Internet-related building projects gave Talo the needed worldview for this MEGA TALL unique requirements – but best explained meeting face to face.

Mega Tall Buildings – beyond 1200′ – are not only TALL, but they are ‘unmanageable’ by standard local building codes.

Mega Structure is the easiest part for engineers, making them Mega Tall energy-efficient or SAFE is another task indeed.

Talo Architect has recommendations on how to assess things needed for safety, economy, and energy for smarter buildings from 1200′ to Mile High 5280′, or beyond anywhere in the world!